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Prepare to wow your family or guests with this amazing creamy buttery Delhi-cious dish. Originally created in Delhi in the 1950s, it is a dish that is staple in homes and restaurants across India. Its rich, creamy tomato'y flavoured sauce with a blend of spices gives it a unique gastronomical taste that will have you craving for more.


We've simplified India's famous curry in a few easy steps. Our easy to follow instructions will help guide you. There's also an instructional video which you'll find the link to on the recipe card. You'll also get the specially prepared spice mix that has been hand-picked, grounded and roasted by Chef Gaurav which you just add once then watch the magic happen. No need to buy all the different spices and worry about how much to put in, we've done all that for you by our professional chefs.

Butter Masala Recipe Kit

  • Each kit contains:

    • Essential spice mix prepared by our chef, balanced, roasted and freshly grounded.
    • Recipe card
    • Instructional video guide
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