Since arriving in May 2019, My Delhi have revived the food scene in Newcastle with a punch of spice and a kick of flavour! Hosting three passionate Delhi trained chefs, we’ve created a dining experience like no other to showcase the incredible foods we grew up and fell in love with.  


From delicious Butter Chicken to Daal Makhani, traditional Chana Bhatura to Chaats, tasty Momos to Kebabs, and dazzling Gulabjamun to Kulfi, the delicacies that encompass the pulsating metropolis and vast flavours of Delhi are bursting with rich spices and piquancy. 

Beautifully crafted by our world trained chefs, we serve a slice of Delhi’s rich ancient history with each dish, allowing you to literally eat like a King with a classic dining experience once enjoyed by the famous Mughal Empire. 


Our menu boasts incredible combinations of tradition and culture, creating delectable cuisine that has outlived the very dynasties, sultanates and rulers whose influence shaped these dishes into what they are today.  


Relish in unique authenticity with our favourite staple dishes that thrive on the roadside stalls across Delhi. Let your life be enriched by the extravagant flavours of our food, as we proudly offer a welcomed return of traditional Indian food in a market dominated by curry houses. 


Start your Delhi food adventure today! 




Executive Chef - Gaurav Dayal

Our innovative executive chef Gaurav Dayal is no stranger to curating authentic Indian food. After an exhilarating adolescent absorbing the beautifully diverse flavours that Delhi’s street food has to offer, Gaurav embarked on his professional culinary journey under eminent Indian chefs in the early 2000s, crediting Delhi as his main inspiration for his mouth-watering creations. Perfecting his exemplary culinary skills, Gaurav has worked with over 40 nationalities, and his world class restaurant and hotel background easily cements him as one of the most treasured and passionate chefs within Indian cuisine. His favourite dish is lamb Nihari at Karim’s Old Delhi!

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Chef - Kailash Shani

a native delhi-ite With over 25 years of experience in the industry, and training from the most prestigious chefs, Kailash Shani has expertly mastered the traditional and demanding techniques of Tandoor cooking to provide you with an authentically wonderful dining experience. To truly share in the vibrant culture of Delhi street food, he recommends visiting Sarojini nagar market to try their famous ram ladoos! His favourite dish is the creamy Daal Makhani, originating from Moti Mahal!